Bill Moran

Bill Moran is a native of the region, originally from the Gary/Lake County area. He served as the Director of Product Development for Medical Equipment Distributors of Lubbock Texas for 12 years, Interim Director of Operations for 1 year. He went on to open his own business in the early 90s Advanced Technologies that installed many of the original networks at VU, Columbia College and Roosevelt Universities. He went on to serve as the Director of Technology for Valparaiso Community Schools for 21 years. After retiring from Valparaiso Community Schools, he went on to again open another business, LB Industries that provides energy management and IT consulting to large to moderate size businesses.


Besides his professional career, Bill Moran has served as the Vice President and President of the Kiwanis Club in Lubbock Texas being one of the youngest presidents at the age of 29. He was three time president of the counsel at First Christian Church of Valparaiso as well as lead elder. Bill frequently volunteers for many functions in the community such as the Living It Up Music Festival for Porter County Special Education. Bill Moran continues to be an active member in the community. He also is leading a project to produce a video/podcast titled “The Walk” in which a guest host will narrate their life story from childhood to addiction to  recovery with the hopes of providing a beacon of hope to those struggling with addiction. This project will also provide resources nationally to those struggling with addiction. 

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