Bill Paige / Show host - The Blues Drive

As host of the Blues Drive, Bill is a fan of all music playing and supporting all that is good about these sounds. “Music is a passion like no other.”

Bill is a Northwest Indiana native. Born in Gary, he grew up in Merrillville, and now makes Michigan City home with his wife Sharon. He values all that this area has to offer from its natural resources and interesting places to the character of those from The Region.

Bill is a writer, marketing consultant, and research analyst. He enjoys listening and playing music, running, fitness, reading, writing, and his herd of cats. Bill has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University continually supporting the university and its sports teams. The Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears take up a fair amount of his spare time.

The association with WVLP allows Bill to channel all of his interests and passions interestingly through his weekly two-hour radio show.

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