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Under The Radar Sports Talk is (2) two hours of commercial free and uninterrupted sports talk focusing on all major sports stories that pertain to the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and College Sports. Under The Radar Sports Talk airs each Saturday from 10:am to Noon on WVLP 103.1 FM or streamed at wvlp.org. It is the professional sports voice of Valparaiso.

Under The Radar Sports Talk has special features such as an NFL Season Preview, Fantasy Football Show, analysis of each and every NFL game during the season, NFL Playoff Preview and a special (3) hour Super Bowl Preview Show, NFL Draft Preview, MLB Season Preview Show, Fantasy Baseball Show, MLB Playoff and World Series analysis, NBA Preview Show, Fantasy NBA Show, NBA Playoff analysis, NBA Draft Preview, NCAA Mens Basketball Coverage including all Conference breakdowns and Tournament bracket analysis, NCAA College Football coverage including Conference breakdowns, Bowl Predictions and National Championship Coverage, Heisman Trophy predictions, Chad’s Mailbag and Tournament of Hate

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